149 Technologies

All your events, Any style

Manage all your events and ToDos in one single place, easily connect existing calendars, and always stay on top of all birthdays of friends and business contacts.

Explore our family of great calendar views - list, tables, schedule, or map, from single day to full-year scope, via app or home screen widgets - all crafted with love and attention to detail.

Facebook Messenger ChatBot

Quickly access your calendar and check free spots while in Facebook Messenger - our chat bot always knows your next events, birthdays, and ToDos!

Your events in context

Get local weather forecasts and alerts for each of your destinations and easily discover relevant and helpful information, apps, and services!

Our unique "Nearby Event" feature is powered by 15+ global, regional and local partners, and brings you restaurant recommendation and reviews, insider tips, mobility options, shops, and more!

Be in touch and share easily

Share calendars with family or teams, or send events, birthdays and greetings - fast and secure using all your favorite messaging or social apps.

Invite people to meetings, auto-schedule callback times for missed calls, and instantly communicate with anyone you are planning to meet - for more convenience and peace of mind.